People and Management

The aim of every company is to grow, to develop, and to achieve its main objectives.

At Estre we believe that this is only possible when each member of the staff is also making an effort to learn new things, to develop skills and to overcome challenges. Estre has a range of training programs for this purpose, to motivate the staff to work as a team, so that they may all contribute to achieving the company’s goals.

One of these is the People Cycle, based on pillars such as the Individual Development Plan (PDI), a set of actions intended to align individual development with the company’s strategy; another is the Executive Bonus and Profit Sharing Program (PPR), which sets rules for Estre’s variable compensation model. There is also the Green Belt Project, a certification to enable professionals to undertake projects using a structured method which will bring substantial returns for the company.

And there are other programs for staff training, not only to enable them to devote their best talents to the company, but also to give them an awareness of their own potential. They include courses for operations coordinators, an operational excellence program, the PROA Institute, Goals Circuit and Time for Learning.


The Individual Development Plan (PDI), a set of actions to align individual development with the company’s business strategy.

The Executive Bonus and Profit Sharing Program (PPR), which sets rules for Estre’s variable compensation model.

The Green Belt Project, a certification for staff to execute projects according to a structured methodology.

The Operating Excellence Program (PEX): evaluates and recognizes the company’s best operations, offering prizes for the winning units.

Goals Circuit: executives of Estre visit the units to present the company’s results and check local results for the period.

Acelera [speed-up]: intended to accelerate the learning period of young internal employees in the operations area.

The PROA Institute: gives young people from low income families access to professional training, guidance at the start of their careers and support for getting their first job, combining education and income.

Tempo de Aprender [Time to Learn]: develops our staff by means of free schooling and courses on social and environmental subjects, so as to train citizens and build a better and more humane society.

Estre Trainee Program: identifies, attracts and retains young talents for future positions in the company.

Safety Program: intended to standardize working practices, the management and control of accidents and safety risks, and occupational health, and to ensure compliance with the applicable legal requirements, so as to avoid labor liabilities and eliminate accidents and occupational diseases.

PDL: Develops managerial skills and trains leaders to develop their management potential so as to achieve strategic goals effectively.

Making a Difference: Promotes the integration of the operational staff, teaching them to appreciate and understand the importance of their work for society, the company and the environment, enhancing their perception and consequently creating pride, engagement and personal satisfaction.