Waste management is geared toward industry and goods and services companies of different sizes. It encompasses the entire waste chain, from generation until final disposal, tracking all the steps and mapping opportunities for operational improvements and savings for clients.


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Waste Management involves the following steps:

Diagnosis – identification of the types of waste, the amounts generated and the locations where it is generated inside the industrial plant or commercial establishment;

Characterization and classification –  classification of waste generated and mapping of the possibilities for disposal;

Environmental licensing – analysis and/or follow-up on the licenses necessary for the handling and disposal of waste;

Internal handling and transport – transport of waste to a specific area or center for storage at the client’s unit, where it will be handled and then sent for final disposal. This step is carried out using equipment such as presses, grinders, scales, etc.;

Temporary storage of waste in external unit – a service that can be utilized in specific situations, such as environmental emergencies or industrial accidents;

Collection and transport – planning of the best routes and use of appropriate vehicles for each situation, with a view to reducing the distances traveled and the risks of traffic and environmental accidents.

Finally, the waste is disposed of in a way that ensures the best environmental solution:

Value recovery – a series of solutions that ensure the maximum use of the waste, with its reuse or search for new technology to recycle the material;

Treatment and Final Disposal – waste that cannot be reused is sent for the most appropriate final disposal, in sanitary landfills, for example;

Focus on service quality:
Continuous improvement – periodic reevaluation, in accordance with company policy, in order to make the process more efficient from an environmental and economic standpoint;

All the steps can be contracted together or separately. Contact our team for more information.


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